Harry Hervey (In China, 1926)

Harry Hervey (In China, 1926)

Harry Clay Hervey, 1900-1951

Harry Hervey was born in Beaumont, Texas, on November 5th, 1900, but was educated in Savannah, Georgia and Tennessee. He started writing at about age eight and sold his first work to H. L. Mencken at the age of sixteen. He spent much of his life at Savannah’s old Desoto Hotel, as his mother was in charge of housekeeping from 1923 to 1957.

Mr. Hervey has traveled widely in Asia, Africa and the South Pacific. He authored twelve noels and numerous short stories ad screenplays. Harry Hervey was a life-long bachelor and died at the age of fifty in New York on August 13th, 1951. He is buried next to his mother, Jane Louise Davis, in Bonaventure Cemetery.

“Even in his wildest moments, Hervey caught something true that those of us more than twice his age can only bow before."

Pico Iyer

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